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Downtown Harvest's Circle Brook Farm Egg Shares

Posted 2/13/2018 3:01pm by Jeff Schrimmer.

Last spring Circle Brook Farm built a “chicken tractor”- a mobile chicken coop used for raising birds on pasture. They acquired a flock of laying hens; Rhode Island Red crosses, and by mid summer the flock was in full production.  Egg shares became available to our members, and the eggs were fantastic, which was no surprise to fans of Farmer John's work.

The birds are generally outside all day, where they feed on the grass and other plants and insects as well as the vegetable wastes which the farm generates. The birds spend the night on roosts inside the chicken tractor protected from predators. Their foraging diet is supplemented with milled grain that is locally sourced and non GMO. John has not yet been able to find a nearby source of organic feed in the quantities he requires.

John's Rhode Island Reds have continued producing wonderful eggs this winter, allowing us to offer winter/spring egg shares.  Egg share members have been picking up eggs every two weeks since November, and this will continue until May 23.

If you are not a winter/spring egg share member but might be interested, please e-mail us at downtownharvestcsajc@gmail.com.

Egg shares will be available to produce share members during our June to mid-November 24 week season for the following fees: $120 for 24 weeks of 1 dozen/week, $220 for 2 dozen/week, and $320 for 3 dozen/week.


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