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Farm Update- Week of July 1

Posted 7/3/2019 3:38pm by Jeff Schrimmer.

A message from Farmer John:

Hello folks,

So summer is here and the heat is on! Nothing too extreme on the horizon just yet- mid-eighties and dropping mercifully into the 60’s at night. This type of weather is tough on the lettuce, peas, broccoli and other cool weather crops but it’s just the ticket for the peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and the melons. We should have plenty of sunshine now and hopefully a little rain from a passing thunderstorm now and then.

We have some fresh onions for you this week with the green tops still attached. You can make soup stock with these if you’re feeling ambitious. Also new this week are the first carrots of the season- yippee!

We have an abundance of peas, especially sugarsnaps (yum!) Just a reminder- they are meant to be eaten with the pod which is as sweet as the peas themselves. Raw or lightly steamed they are a treat in salad or any dish. We are still in rotation with the broccoli and Napa cabbage and waiting for the cauliflower to start heading up. We should have eggplant soon and peppers right after. We picked the first few small tomatoes today but it will still be a few weeks before they are abundant.

Many thanks to those who came out to pick peas over the weekend. Check the event schedule for your next chance to see the farm and lend a hand!

The full share for this week will be: Fresh yellow onions, carrots, lettuce, summer squash, peas, broccoli or Napa cabbage, kale, bok choy, Swiss chard and fennel and extra lettuce and extra peas and choice of an herb (mostly parsley and summer savory as the cilantro and dill have gone to seed and the marjoram rotted away from all the rain).


Farmer John.

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