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Enrollment Is Open for the 2020 Season!

Posted 2/12/2020 1:19pm by Jeff Schrimmer.

Downtown Harvest CSA is thrilled to announce details of our 2020 season, our 16th year of bringing healthy New Jersey food to our urban community!

1) Farmer John Krueger, our farmer for more than a decade, will continue to be our farmer.

2) The 24-week season will begin the week of June 7th and end the week of November 15th at the same garage at 180 Sussex St in Jersey City where we have been for the last few seasons.

3) The price of a full share this year will be $720.  The early bird discount of $25 will be offered with payment before March 1st, reducing the price to $695. We will continue to use “market style” distribution for full shares, in which members choose items from bins and may be offered choices of items.

4) The price of a pre-packaged “half” share this year will be $480.  The early bird discount of $25 will be offered with payment before March 1st, reducing the price to $455.  The pre-bagged share usually weighs a little more than half of a full share, and our farmer tries to keep the variety of items equivalent to that of a full share.

5).  Items that are not picked up will be donated to the Our Lady of Sorrows food pantry in addition to shares generously donated by our members and our farmer.  Members can also donate money toward food for the food pantry when they enroll.  As in the past, we will have an "exchange bin" so you can exchange items you may not need for others that you want.

6) Members who purchase produce shares have the option of purchasing egg shares.  The fee for 1 dozen eggs/week will be $120, 2 dozen/week will be $220, and 3 dozen/week will be $330.

7) The administration fee for one Full share or one pre-boxed Half share will $25 for the 24-week season.

8) We are a 100% volunteer group that can only function effectively and fairly if everyone participates.  Members are required to volunteer for 3 hours at the pickup site during the season.  If that isn’t possible, or if you can help the group more in other ways, you must communicate with us to discuss alternative ways for you to be involved in our group effort.

IMPORTANT: Last season’s members will not automatically be re-enrolled.  We hope you wish to be a part of Downtown Harvest in 2020, and we ask you to visit our website and enroll for the 2020 season. Click on this link to go straight to the enrollment page!


Notes: after enrolling for the 2020 season, members will receive payment instructions (enroll first, pay later).  Payment must be made by check.  However, we cannot provide refunds, so please be sure of your commitment before mailing or dropping off checks. We are looking forward to another great 24-week season and encourage you to take advantage of the early enrollment discount!

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