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Latest news from Farmer John (good news)

Posted 4/9/2020 8:46pm by Jeff Schrimmer.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and managing alright during these difficult and stressful times. I wanted to share some good news with you; such a precious commodity these days. Last Wednesday I received an e-mail from the US Embassy in Guatemala informing me that United had scheduled 2 flights to the US on April 3rd and 4th.  As many of you know I bring most of my farm crew from there and was having problems getting them here. I immediately called them to let them know and next called the airline. All eleven arrived on Saturday after spending the night in Houston (no connections).  They started work on Sunday and we have been going gangbusters to get ground prepared and begin planting.  We have been planting onions and potatoes and yesterday I seeded some peas.  Soon we will be transplanting lettuce, kale and broccoli and I will be seeding beets, carrots, radishes and arugula (to name just a few). We are determined to grow as much food as we can despite so much uncertainty.

I want to thank all those who came out to volunteer on the farm during the last few weeks. I especially want to thank Amy Dennis, from the Fairlawn group who organized the Signup website page for the volunteers.  Because of the support from the members we were able to quickly get to planting once my regular crew arrived. It was great to meet so many of my wonderful members. I hope to see you on the farm again one day soon under more festive circumstances.  We are working hard for you and will do our best to keep you fed during these challenging times. Together apart we will get through this.

Happy Easter and Passover,    Farmer John

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